Culture Counsel and The Adams Consultancy Collaboration Announcement

In working together, we bring to the culture, heritage, art and museum community a wealth of cultural and organisational skills gained in working throughout the Middle East, Europe and Australasia.

We believe that any cultural experience can be improved by understanding the role that customer service and event management plays. Our vision relates not just to front-of-house staff and their interactions with visitors, but rather it is a whole-of-organisation attitude to interacting with others. This includes inter-departmental interactions, as well as those with external parties, such as visitors, artists, partners, suppliers, sponsors, patrons, government, the media and others.

Ensuring that high quality cultural experiences are consistently delivered to audiences is vital and ensuring best practice customer service and event management can assist in delivering and retaining these internal and external audiences.

We work with organisations to create a unified customer service and event management systems that reflect individual brands and messages. A key aim is to ensure that all participants understand their personal value as a marketing and branding tool, and their roles in delivering it.