For Corporate, Commercial and Business Clients

Culture Counsel supports corporate and commercial entities to develop exciting, innovative and engaging heritage, art and culture projects.

For the business sector there are many exciting benefits in exploring these new areas. Engaging with heritage, art and culture can positively impact your branding, really motivate your staff and improve your level of community engagement.

Services tailored to your needs

Depending on the specific requirements of your company, we can

  • provide new opportunities to connect with and engage new audiences, and reach new customers
  • look for special cultural or heritage programmes that will really excite and inspire your staff
  • advise on how best to protect objects in your collection, as well as to protect your investment in them
  • suggest how you can enhance your brand and fulfil your CSR ambitions

Perhaps you want to

  • stage an exhibition or display to promote your achievements
  • celebrate an important business anniversary or milestone
  • contribute to a significant event in your community
  • engage with artists or cultural organisations
  • better care for your collection or use it more effectively

Explore the possibilities

If you aren't sure of exactly what you could do, let us help you think a little differently about things and we will get there together.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you achieve your vision wherever you are located→