For Private Collectors, Artists and Estates

Culture Counsel provides assistance and advice to private collectors and artists to both protect your objects and your investment in them. These services will enable you to be better prepared for exhibitions, loan requests, researchers, publications, disasters, insurers, the taxation department and lawyers.

Don't leave it to chance

We can advise you on the best care for your precious collection. This includes advice on suitable storage, care and lending to reputable third parties.

Our experts can also organise that paper trail for you. Appropriate documentation is vital if you later want to sell an object, lend it to an exhibition, arrange for its insurance, or leave it to your heirs.
We offer customised services to suit your needs, and we can

  • audit, catalogue and research your collection for better management and further knowledge
  • develop and manage your archive so that you can focus on other things
  • advise on suitable storage to ensure your precious collection’s survival
  • explore opportunities for using your collection in beneficial ways
  • manage your loans to exhibitions to make the process simpler and safer
  • provide advice on donating to museums so that it best suits you and the recipient

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